We tailor investment strategies to your needs:

Growth, income, tax-savings and downside protection

Black Rock Lighthouse, Bridgeport

Black Rock Lighthouse, Bridgeport


There's no single best investment strategy for everyone. Does your advisor understand that? We do.

MIP Strategy® - This unique strategy seeks tax-free income hedged against inflation.*

ATR Strategy® - Seeks reliable income streams and long-term capital appreciation from stocks.

Vol-Ability Hedge Strategy- Seeks broad exposure to the S&P 500 using covered-call options on indexes to mitigate downside volatility.*

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Unless you're member of the ultra-wealthy, chances are you've been pushed by financial salesmen to buy "cookie-cutter" investments - perhaps mutual funds, model portfolios, or a famous guru pursuing a single strategy in an attempt to beat the S&P 500.

At ATR Advisors, we realize you have specific needs that may differ from seeking to consistently outperform the stock market index (as if this lofty goal were even possible!)  You might need stable retirement income more than asset growth.  Tax-efficiency might be especially important to you. Or, you might want a strategy seeking downside protection while still participating in the market's upside.

We offer our clients these advantages:

  • Innovative strategies including income, tax-free income and capital appreciation.

  • Customized, separately managed accounts, instead of cookie-cutter models, mutual funds or robotic trading.

  • Continuous active management with a dedication to limiting losses in adverse markets.

  • Low cost, high quality trading via Greenwich-based Interactive Brokers, top-rated by Barron's for economy, technology and execution quality.

  • Comprehensive family services via a network of Fairfield County's top CPAs, attorneys and consultants.

A Focus on Total Return: The Jim Gammon Legacy. From 2003-2011, our team was co-managed by Shawn Blau, PhD and the late Jim Gammon, CFA of Fairfield. Jim was one of the nation's top muni fund managers and a veteran of GE Capital, Loews Corporation and Lebenthal & Company. Shawn and Jim built an all-weather investment strategy, Absolute Total Return Strategy®, combining income with upside participation in the stock market.

Sadly, Jim passed away in 2011, but Shawn now partners with another Gammon protege, Bill Kennedy, to continue, and build upon, Jim's strategies at ATR Advisors.

Here are some of our new strategies: Our innovative MIP Strategy® Municipal Inflation-Hedged Portfolio, launched in 2015, seeks Federally tax-free income with principal hedged against inflation. In 2016 we added the Vol-Ability Hedge℠ Strategy, a S&P 500-based investment with a hedge* to reduce downside volatility.


Fairfield County investors dedicated to local, face-to-face service.

Shawn Blau - PhD psychologist, manager of Morningstar-ranked portfolio and Blau Family Office

Shawn Blau - PhD psychologist, manager of Morningstar-ranked portfolio and Blau Family Office

Bill Kennedy - 36 years in finance for Loews Corporation, GE Capital and family wealth management.

Bill Kennedy - 36 years in finance for Loews Corporation, GE Capital and family wealth management.


"Many central banks have brought their interest rates below zero. This has had a profound effect on the U.S. bond market..." 

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At ATR Advisors, you deal directly with your investment manager close to where you live or work, not through an intermediary like a "financial consultant" or "relationship manager."

That's something harder to find today, as local firms are consolidating into national chains with centralized asset managers that can be thousands of miles away.

We believe that if you entrust us with your investments, you deserve the opportunity to look your manager straight in the eye, ask tough questions, and get our honest professional answers - anytime.

* There is no guarantee a hedge will accomplish its objective, and it could pose additional risk. A hedge usually adds cost, and therefore reduces return compared with a non-hedged portfolio.


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